Thursday, October 25, 2007

all this and more

hello lovers and other strangers
here are a few of the layouts - 2 of them final and one obviouslt not
first athletics - ryan changed the story a bit from the precious version he sent me but i feel that everything came together for this one and it looks pretty swankey

next student profile - i designed both pages (goes next to rez life) to fit together but to have their own unique elements - im pretty happy with both even though they're not finished.
holler at your boy if you have any concerns, thoughts etc.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

december crunch

fack! its not cropping properly..oh well.. u get the idea...stil have a bit more to add.. couple more paragraphs and some imagery

peace niggas

rock papa' scizzers

so yeah.. scanned in some old paper.. added some pics of scissors and what not.. im cool with it.. anyone else? articles kinda dry... oh well.

Monday, October 22, 2007

josiah's unfinished pages

soooo...the sheridan turns 40 page looks like it's from a business mag. Not sure what to do with it, if I had some pictures or something maybe that would help? I'm done with it though, I think darryl might jazz it up a little if he has time?

the first frontside isn't done either, just need cd releases and two movies at the bottom...oh yeah and some CONTENT.....sigh....other than that, it is done I think.

let me know any problems I missed.

dearest lovely friends...

there is the "final" athletics page - the only change that still needs to be made is the type re- put in "justified" - but i havent gotten around to that yet - im more a fan of the asthetics. anyway, i made every change suggested and , as stated in an email sent to y'all, i took some liberties with the colour of the russian jersey. one can confidently say it no longer looks russian. those bastards.
anyway, working away at rez life and student profile but likely wont have anything worth posting on them till tomorrow.
thoughts my friends???
one love. dr.dre aka pete "the tan" ryan

Sunday, October 21, 2007

here we go.

Hey guys, as promised here is our own space for sharing progress on TRAVIS. Post questions, screenshots, critiques, complements, kudos, tips, links, suggestions and lastly and most importanly, post nude photographs of yourselves. Especially you Looch, I wanna see more of the nutsack.