Wednesday, March 19, 2008

April Calendar

Let me know if I should add more images (ie. camping tents, bbqs, etc) to the calendar like I started to do with the sand castle. Hopefully it reads as such: Its playing off of 'April showers bring May flowers', and that we're coming from the cold snow and looking forward to the upcoming summer and all the wonderful things that come with warm weather :)


darryl said...

love the raindrops, but over all I think too much is going on. personally I'd lose the wakeboarder and those elements in that corner and bring down and enlarge the sand castles, I like that image then maybe bring in some designy elements (not more photos)

darryl said...

sorry, just thinking maybe my comment was too vague, I think only the boat should be taken out so that "swoop" from the snow to the wall face isn't interupted. Then, yeah, drop that sand castle down over the palm image.