Monday, October 22, 2007

dearest lovely friends...

there is the "final" athletics page - the only change that still needs to be made is the type re- put in "justified" - but i havent gotten around to that yet - im more a fan of the asthetics. anyway, i made every change suggested and , as stated in an email sent to y'all, i took some liberties with the colour of the russian jersey. one can confidently say it no longer looks russian. those bastards.
anyway, working away at rez life and student profile but likely wont have anything worth posting on them till tomorrow.
thoughts my friends???
one love. dr.dre aka pete "the tan" ryan


Travis Magazine said...

looks good, I think takin' out ussr works. the colors look good. I'm not sure turning it to 'sheridan blue' is needed.

looks good though. can't wait to see the other ones.


mike said...

looks good.