Monday, October 22, 2007

josiah's unfinished pages

soooo...the sheridan turns 40 page looks like it's from a business mag. Not sure what to do with it, if I had some pictures or something maybe that would help? I'm done with it though, I think darryl might jazz it up a little if he has time?

the first frontside isn't done either, just need cd releases and two movies at the bottom...oh yeah and some CONTENT.....sigh....other than that, it is done I think.

let me know any problems I missed.


mike said...

my only thing is like we talked at work.. about leaving no line space inbetween pragraphs... thas all

rachel & josiah gordon said...

crap...forgot....thanks mike
good call.

take not darryl of the space between paragraphs...looks a little wierd...SUPER technical...