Saturday, December 22, 2007

Josiah's two spread's

here's frontside so far, I have to put in a bit more content like two cd's and two movies..
This one is just about one movie, coming out in January, something different than usual for frontside, usually it's a list of some form of entertainment...the two spots at the bottom will be one movie in theatres and one movie in blockbuster...

This is the Famous people in Brampton and Oakville spread. I like it a lot! But let me know any issues you see for sure.

here's the pages individually...I captured them wrong, there's something on the bottom left corner that isn't supposed to be...are these too blue? Do they need more color?
and numero two...

let me know your thoughts so I can get these done, I'm assuming we're not doing the trade off thing we talked about since everyone is everywhere??

Let me know,




darryl said...

I'd say the biggest problem I have with your famous people spread is that there is no Sheridan campus in Burlington. It's Brampton. Otherwise, it looks pretty slick.

darryl said...

also, I don't know how I feel about some of the text being full justified and other text not, especially the right hand side to the frontside spread where it's all right aligned. I think all of our text should be fully justified. And can we get more text content for the left hand side of frontside? there's like 25 words. The layout is sick, but we just need more content. Those are my thoughts at least.