Saturday, December 29, 2007

my suggestion.

Here's the changes I would make to make the page fit a little better with the rez life page, also I added some content related to the article to make the page a little more fun. thoughts?



Travis Magazine said...

Hey Darryl, adding the hand done text is a nice addition to pull the two together sides together as well as the tape overlay. And the mustaches are hilarious! The only thing that stands out is that arm underneath the pictures, it seemed to be sitting weird and took me a couple minutes to see that the bar of lighter colour under the text on the other side was actually the other arm. So if you can make the top bit of the arm under the photos stand out a bit more (lighter maybe) and then also the neck shape lighter, or maybe a silhouette of the full head being cropped off at the top. That way we can see more clearly on a quick glance that its a person with a black tee on. But then again, my head is foggy and I'm not as visually perceptive as I would hope :)
- Shannon

josiah gordon said...

looks great Darryl, thanks for your help!